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ComicBase is a computer program for tracking comic book collections. It was created in 1992 by Peter Bickford as an Apple Macintosh program. A Windows version was introduced in 1996. As of February 2015, it is on its eighteenth version (dubbed ComicBase 2015) and is available for computers running Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Its database includes pricing and notes on over 600,000 individual comic book issues, and allows users to sell their comics online at a website marketplace called Atomic Avenue (

ComicBase 2015 includes a "My Comics" web app ([1]) which uses works in conjunction with the desktop software to allow users to view and update their collections on virtually any mobile device through the use of responsive design techniques, including Apple, Windows, and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as devices like the PSP and Kindle. This feature was introduced with ComicBase 2015. Purchases can be recorded in the mobile web app either by entering in the comics title and issue, or by taking a picture of the comic's barcode using a mobile device's camera.

ComicBase was the first software available on Blu-ray disc.


ComicBase Tip #1 Pro Tips for Entering your Collection - ComicBase creator Peter Bickford shares six great tips to help you enter your collection fast.

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