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Electric Comic Book is an album by the rock band Blues Magoos, the follow-up to their successful debut release Psychedelic Lollipop. The psychedelic rock/garage rock formula is followed again on this release but without a high-charting single. A couple of tracks, "Intermission" and "That's All Folks" (a very brief, hard-rocking parody of the Looney Tunes end theme) showcase the band's bizarre sense of humor.

Three singles were released from Electric Comic Book, "Summer is the Man", "Life is Just a Cher O'Bowlies", and "There's A Chance We Can Make It", the latter being the only to chart and its B-Side, "Pipe Dream," charting higher.


Electric Comic Book part 2 - electric comic book.

Track listing

  1. "Pipe Dream" (Gilbert, Scala)
  2. "There's a Chance We Can Make It" Gilbert, Scala)
  3. "Life is Just a Cher O'Bowlies" (Gilbert, Scala)
  4. "Gloria" (Van Morrison)
  5. "Intermission" (Esposito)
  6. "Albert Common is Dead" (Gilbert, Scala)
  7. "Summer is the Man" (Esposito, Scala)
  8. "Baby, I Want You" (Gilbert, Theilhelm)
  9. "Let's Get Together" (Jimmy Reed)
  10. "Take My Love" (Gilbert, Scala)
  11. "Rush Hour" (Daking, Gilbert, Esposito)
  12. "That's All Folks" (Blues Magoos)


  • Ralph Scala - keyboards, vocals
  • Emil "Peppy" Theilhelm â€" guitar, vocals
  • Ron Gilbert â€" bass, vocals
  • Mike Esposito â€" guitar
  • Geoff Daking â€" drums, percussion



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